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Arabidopsis proteins containing PTEN-like domains (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Click gene names for details of locus structure and gene prediction, and protein schematic for protein sequence. Gene names on an darker yellow background indicate class II formin-encoding loci that have been published previously (Cvrckova et al., 2004), orange backround in the TIGR locus column means disagreement with current annotation. Gene names on a light yellow background represent newly found genes , or genes whose models have not been revised yet.




TIGR locus

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Genomic sequence(s)

cDNA sequence(s)*



Class II formin At5g58160 AB019228 N65121, AA394985, (BK004099)


Class II formin At1g31810 AC079041
AV528978, AV548682, AV548850, (BK004098)


Class II formin At2g25050 AC006585
none so far, (NM_128062)  


Class II formin At5g07740 AB010070
AV558046, BE525429, AV554850, (BK004102) alternative splicing

* This is not necessarily a full list, rather a documentation of the data (incl. selected ESTs) used to reconstruct the gene structures back in 2004 or now (exceptions, if any, will be noted in the locus structure pages). Empirically sequenced full-length cDNAs in bold, theoretical gene models in brackets.