team leader: RNDr. Aleš Soukup, PhD.
members: RNDr. Edita Tylová, RNDr. Olga Votrubová, Csc.
PhD. students : RNDr. Eva Pecková
MSc. students: Bc. Tereza Šnajdrová, Bc. Daniela Halamková
technician: Ing. Yvetta Šefrnová
structure of root exodermis

Our work is ground on the “traditional” plant anatomy and its methodological approaches, which was gradually enriched for methods of cytology, biochemical analysis and molecular biology. Such a combination allows for connection of structural parameters of plant body with its functions. Plant body structure is not rigid but undergoes changes related to tissue differentiation, plant ontogeny or factors of environment. Observed responses are therefore studied and interpreted from environmental and developmental point of view and associated mechanisms of regulations. Our interest is concentrated on the study of “hidden half” - root system, its development, function and interaction with the rhizosphere.


used methods:
- cultivation of model plants (mainly Arabidopsis, maize, rice, Phragmites, Glyceria, Acorus etc.) in hydroponic cultures, soil or in vitro; cultivation of root cultures in vitro
- methods of classical plant anatomy (permanent (paraffin, resin) and vital slides, histochemical methods, etc.)
- microscopic techniques (light microscopy incl. florescent and confocal microscopy, electron microscopy), image processing and quantitative image analysis
- cytological techniques (specific florescent probes, imunolocalisation etc.)
- selected methods of molecular biology, use of transgenic plants

Bachelor works
2012Tereza Šnajdrová: Lateral roots and root nodules – similarities and differences
2011Daniela Halamková: Regulation of lateral root initiation depending on the availability of crucial mineral nutrients in the environment
2009Alois Antonín Hilgert Delgado : Regulation of lateral root development
2007Lenka Vinšová (Moravcová): Changes of apical meristem within the growing root
2006Jitka Čierná (Padruňková): Effect of flooding on growth and plant structure
2006Eva Pecková (Husáková): Lateral roots and root nodules – similarities and differences

Plant membranes polarity and its importance in communication with the environment

Stress-induced morphogenic changes of root system

Regulation of functional root and shoot ratio

Apoplastic barriers in roots versus uptake of nutrients

MSc. thesis
In progress
Daniela Halamková: Signaling mechanisms of regulation of lateral root development in response to nutrient availability in the environment.
Tereza Šnajdrová: Characterisation of candidate genes of line MGT180 and their participation in the formation of lateral roots
2012Barbora Ježková (Gorčicová): Comparative anatomy of Lasiocephalus from paramos, Equador
2011Alois Antonín Hilgert Delgado: Function of TTL gene family and their effect on lateral root formation of Arabidopsis
2008Kateřina Machačová: Arrangement of microtubular cytoskeleton during development of Casparian band in endodermal cells of root of Allium cepa
2008Eva Pecková (Husáková): Structural changes of maize root system; effect of phytohormones
2007Kateřina Vášková: Formation of symplastic domains in primary cortex of the developing root
Study of initiation and growth of Arabidopsis thaliana lateral roots and characterisation of genes with corresponding expression pattern
PhD. thesis
In progress
Eva Pecková (Husáková): Structural and functional characterisation of the maize lrt1 mutant
2012Zuzana Lenochová: Characterization of programmed cell death during lyzigenous aerenchyma formation
2011Edita Tylová (Munzarová): Nitrogen acquisition in wetland plants (nutritional aspects of plant performance under eutrophication)
2006Lenka Steinbachová (Vojtíšková): Carbohydrate metabolism of selected wetland plants-relation to their growth and mineral nutrition

 Students interested in the field are very welcome. If you are interested in particular topic not listed above, feel free contact us.

 We will be pleased if you contact us :

National cooperation Masaryk University in Brno (Doc. Kummerová, Dr. Baláž, Dr. Gloser)
University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice (Doc. Šantrůček, Dr. Čížková)
International cooperation Comenius University in Bratislava (Prof. Lux)
State University of New York (prof. Seago)
Instituto de Biotecnologia, UNAM, Cuernavaca, Mexiko (Dr. Dubrovsky)
University of Hull, UK (prof. Armstrong)
University of Bonn, Germany (prof. Schreiber, prof. Hochholdinger)