RNDr. Aleš Soukup, PhD

Hierve el Aqua, Mex 2008

Contact information:

email: asoukup@natur.cuni.cz
tel: 22195 1697
consulting hours: can be arranged almost anytime (tel, e-mail)
office: 008 (the first floor - Viničná 5)
Department of Plant Physiology of Faculty of Science in Praze

Laboratory of Physiological Plant Anatomy

Curriculum vitae

Scientific interest :
Mine main concern is connecting structural features of plant body with their functional properties. It’s obvious from the selected publications that the major part of my work is dealing with root structure, physiology, development and anatomical characters. Those are related to plant survival in soil environment, acclimation and adaptation to selected stress factors of rhizosphere and how plant get round their negative impact and possible resulting tissue injury. The light microscopy and associated techniques (fluorescence probes, imunolabeling, histochemical methods, ...) are used as main tool together with methods of image processing and analysis. Selected biochemical methods and in techniques of molecular biology are also utilized.



B130P32 Botanical Microtechnique (in Czech) Soukup
B130P31EN Physiological Plant Anatomy   (in English) Votrubová, Soukup
B130P61 Plant Anatomy (in Czech) Votrubová, Soukup

Selected publications :

Soukup A., Armstrong W., Schreiber L., Franke R., Votrubová O. Apoplastic barriers to radial oxygen loss (ROL) and solute penetration: a chemical and functional comparison of the exodermis of two wetland species - Phragmites australis and Glyceria maxima. New Phytol, 173: 264-278. 2007

Steinbachová-Vojtíšková L., Tylová E., Novická H., Soukup A., Votrubová O., Lipavská H., Čížková H. Influence of nutrient supply on growth, carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolic relations in Typha angustifolia . Environ Exp Bot, 57: 246-257. 2006

Soukup, A. , Votrubová, O.: Wound-induced vascular occlusions in tissues of the reed Phragmites australis: their development and chemical nature .- New Phytol, 167: 415-424. 2005

Soukup A. , Seago J.L., Votrubova O. : The developmental anatomy of the root cortex of the basal Monocotyledon, Acorus calamus (Acorales, Acoraceae) .- Ann Bot, 96: 379 - 385 . 2005

Seago J.L., Jr., Marsh L.C., Stevens K.J., Soukup A., Votrubova O., Enstone D. : Re-examination of the root cortex in wetland flowering plants with respect to aerenchyma .- Ann Bot , 96: 565 - 579 . 2005

Soukup A. , Malá J., Hrubcová M., Kálal J., Votrubová O., Cvikrová M.: Differences in anatomical structure and lignin content of roots of pedunculate oak and wild cherry-tree plantlets during acclimation. Biol Plant, 48 (4): 481-489. 2004.

Soukup, A. , Votrubová, O., and Čížková, H. Development of anatomical structure of roots of Phragmites australis. New Phytol, 153, 277- 287. 2002

Soukup, A. , Votrubová, O., Čížková, H.: Internal segmentation of rhizomes of Phragmites australis: protection against being flooded.- New Phytol, 145: 71-75. 2000

Soukup, A. ; Votrubová, O.: Testing the permeability of root-wall apoplast. Biologické listy, 65: 287-289. 2000

Soukup A, Votrubová O. 2003. The early development of suberised exodermis - structural adaptation of emergent wetland plants. Plant root development and adaptation to stresses, Stará Lesná 2003, poster.

Soukup A, Votrubová O. 2001. Vascular occlusions in tissues of common reed: their development and chemical nature. Days of Plant Physiology, Ceske Budejovice 2001, poster.