Přednáška z Anatomie a fyziologie rostlin

datum 18.10.2011, 16:30
přednáší Dr. Andrea Matros (Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research (IPK) Gatersleben)
název Analysis of spatial and temporal changes during barley grain development
anotace We are interested in the elucidation of molecular processes underlying barley grain development, because better understanding of cereal seed development is one of the prerequisites for improvement of human nutrition. The application of multiplexed LC-MS approaches to grains from various developmental stages as well as to laser-micro-dissected barley grain tissues enabled the elucidation of temporal and spatial protein patterns. Furthermore, we adapted the MALDI-MS imaging technique to cryo-dissected grain material for protein and metabolite profiling. Our data showed proteins and metabolites with developmental stage dependent and tissue specific expression indicating distinct biological functions of different cell-types in developing barley grains.
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