Přednáška z Anatomie a fyziologie rostlin

datum 12.5.2015
přednáší Univ.-Doz. DI Dr. Martin Pfosser (Biocenter, Linz, Austria)
název A Human History in 100 Plants – Part I: The Apple
anotace Our history books are full of facts and numbers, indicating how human activities have made our world to the world as it is seen today. However, most of these historical facts can also be interpreted in a different way. – In many instances plants or plant products have had an important impact on historical developments and changes in civilisations.

Without fossilized and extinct plants, the products of which are now consumed as fossil fuels, our present prosperity would have been impossible. Consequently, a lot of historical and present conflicts are directly or indirectly related to the struggle for resources for plants and plant products. Moreover, many plants that are found today in supermarkets have played a pivotal role in human evolution, civilisation and historical developments. As a first example of plants, that changed the course of history, the role of the apple (Malus domestica) will be discussed in this lecture. As a symbol of prosperity and wealth, the apple has not only been used to underline the claim for power by several emperors, but was also used in various religious, cultural, commercial and other enterprises from ancient times up to now. Even the early settlements on the American continent were directly related to planting orchards of apple trees and the production of alcoholic beverages.
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