Plant molecular genetics

The course focuses on special aspects of plant molecular biology. Genome
structure and some aspects of regulation of gene expression are compared between plants
and animals to give general view on possible evolutionary strategies of
Eukaryotic genomes. In addition, the lectures put emphasis on methodology,
giving detailed principles of genetic analysis, genome sequencing, proteomic
and transcriptomic comparisons, plant transformation, mutant generation
and analysis etc.

Lukáš Fischer
Time schedule (winter semester 2018): Mondays from 14:50 in the seminary room BLU in the ground floor in Vinicna 5 building


written test - please contact me by e-mail to enrol for the selected examination date:

on January 28th at 13:00 in the seminary room BLU

on February 11th at 10:00 in the seminary room BLU

for spoken form (if you prefer): please send me an e-mail with a few suggested dates