Photosynthesis, Global Climate Changes & Sustainability
Syllabus of the 2011 course
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Course is given in the academic year 2010/2011 during the spring semester. If you are interested in attending the course, please, contact Professor Lubomír Nátr ( and Assoc.Prof. Jana Albrechtova (

All study materials will be gradually available on this web page.

If you like the course and you want to contribute yourself to exciting research in experimental plant biology - contact us for more information of scientific work and projects conducted in our department. There are many options to work on Bachalor, Master or Doctoral Projects with ongoing scientific projects support and with numerous international extensions and collaborations.

We wish you successful absolving of the course and hope that you will like it. We also beleive that this course will give you more justification for importance of plant biology and that you will like plants even more after the end of the course. :-)

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Your Lecturers - Jana Albrechtová and Lubomír Nátr
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